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Sequana Media works on culture, historical heritage and digital technology with three activities :



Since 2009, Sequana media works on various media (DVD, VOD, museum ...). Our team works with scientists, archeologists, reenactment groups and museums to create new images and films about Sciences, History and cultures. We create a link between science and the public's curiosity.
The exchange of images and skills for co-productions with partners in France and other countries to meet the challenge of quality and innovation.

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The discovery of lost civilizations is a great technical and artistic challenge to create digital effects at high level of realism. The screen becomes a window into the landscape of the past and other cultures. We create new images for the media (TV, press, web) and offer our experience in museums to create interactive animations.

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From the dunes of the Sahara to the ancient temples of the Mediterranean through the medieval castles regions of France, a series of photographs, videos and 3D images rushes to illustrate publications and documentaries.

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"Séquana", one of the first media

Séquana is the Latin name of the Seine. From its sources in Burgundy to its estuary in Le Havre, the river crosses the valleys 777 km across strata of geography and history. The Gallo-Romans worshiped Sequana, the goddess of the river and thought she could cure diseases.

Séquana is central to the history of many cities like Paris. A starting point for explorers from around the world. True to the spirit of travel, Séquana is like a thread connecting people, cultures and ideas on all sides and all seas. An early media ....


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