With the democratization of HD broadcast and realism offered by the film industry, the reconstruction of images used for historical and archaeological documentaries may offer a new vision of history.

Séquana media work from conception to completion image through the literature search to reach credible digital images and informative. We work especially from photographs in high definition.


The level of detail, texture quality and interactions with the real views are as important as the artistic hand to recreate the sites, landscapes and scenes of life in the past.
We propose to integrate 3D into the production process, especially for limited-budget projects.

Lost monuments

The Lighthouse of Alexandria (7 Wonders the Odyssey)

From archaeological data, expert advice and a high resolution photo coverage of the original materials.
The digital reconstruction is seen in the natural and urban environment and then recomposed staged with light effects / atmosphere.

Aerial - tracking 3D

Overview (virtual) of the Giza Plateau - added full pyramids

From raw footage into live action (helicopter drone, ball ...), modern elements can be hidden and missing monuments totally or partially repositioned. In stills or moving (tracking monitoring).

Changin sets - Matte painting

A street of the ancient Paris (Lutetia 3D) - Real shooting at the Arenes de Lutece

Shooting camera / DSLR allow work to recover the image textures retaining the same colors and brightness to recreate realistic sets. 3D character or filmed on a green background can be added in areas restored to populate scenes.


3D CGI Set and statues

Statue of Augustus on the forum (Lutèce 3D)

For a better realism, sets compositions can be added with details in 3D.
Economic and very realistic, 3D photographic scan process allows to easily import the actual items (statue, column capitals, paved floor, ...).



For your exhibition, website or media issue (press, television), we are at your dispotition for any type of 3D creation.

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Ancient wonders



Clients and diffusions :

Ville de Paris, Paris musées, Les Cahiers de Science et Vie, Bayard Presse, Vivre Paris, Musée historique du Dauphinois, British School at Athens, "Des Racines et des ailes" / France 3, "Le plus Grand Musée du Monde" / France 3 IDF, "L'ombre d'un doute" (France 3), Historia, Focus Storia, Hatier, édition DVD (diffusion: FNAC, Louvre, RMN,...).




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