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With the research works and the support of partnerships we can create detailed documentaries resources (films, pictures, 3D...) and suggest innovative and attractive solutions for museums and historic sites.

The use of technology allows to offer a new vision of history : the audience discovers an historical reconstitution into an interactive travel.



Our agency can design many types of interactive exhibitions so as to promote the collections.

Various options :

The virtual tour can be suitable for scenography of an immersive visit of a museum or an historic site. Gathered with scans of collections, it can also be suitable for ROM edition or touring exhibition.

Interactive terminal (mock city, building architecture, animation, ...) allows visitors to discover the heritage with other views and provides an interactive dimension to the tour.

The creation of virtual objects (pottery, sculptures, costumes, ...) showned on a computer screen..

The interactive interviews add an human dimension. Through games of questions / answers, visitors can improve their understanding of history. Meetings with people of the past (actors) or today (artisans, residents, teachers, ...).



Machines and boats of Luxor's expedition
Animations 3D and videos
(Musée national de la Marine 2014)

The ancient port of Paris
Projection mapping on archeological site
(Ville de Paris 2013)

An archaeologist and artist at Paris :
Jean Claude Golvin

We follow the route inspired by Jean Claude Golvin
(CNRS researcher, archaeologist and aquarelist of the ancient world)
in the remains in the surface and basement of a disappeared Paris.
Opened in March 2011, the exhibition of the Archaeological Crypt
(City of Paris) returns to the artist's work and research of archaeologist.

Virtual visit of a Lutece house
(interactive animation of Carnavalet museum)

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